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Whispering Labs Moonlight Dark

blrc2015Born the 9 of January 2013
ED: 0/0
Black Ee/BB (carrier Yellow)
TO: Ok

EIC: Normal/Clear
HNPK: Normal/Clear
PRA/prcd: Carrier
Full Dentition

  2 BOB Belgium 2014 – République Tchèque 2015
  1 CACIB Praha
  1 BOS
  6 CAC Germany (VDH) – Belgium – Republique Tcheque
  1 Res CAC Germany (LCD)
  1 BIG 3nd Praha 2015
CH Arthus Sarracenia Majestic Chameleon
CH Buttonwood Mcintosh CH Beechcroft’s Study in Black
CH Buttonwood Fox Hill
CH Wenie Malmesbury Sable Blues CH Tapeatom Choir Master
CH Dcmenika Sable Blues
CH Even if You Want of Misty Dreams
CH Bandit of Sweet Eyes CH IB. Fr. It’s a Viking Otso Van Budilium Hof
CH FTF Zenden of Misty Dreams
CH Ashley of Claydigger CH IB Foulby Regan
Vitality of Misty Dreams

Mezzo Litter 2015

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