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  • Champion of Belgium
  • Champion of RSM
  • Champion of Luxembourg
  • Champion IE & IB
  • Junior Champion of Belgium
  • 6 BOB
  • 5 BOS
  • 6 CACIB
  • 12 CAC
  • 14 Res CAC
  • 3rd BIS
  • 3rd BIS Working Dog
  • 1st BOG
  • Test de Comportement Social

Multi CH Whispering Labs New Charm

Litter 2021

cutieapril2016 (1)Aka « Cutie »

Champion of Belgium
Champion of RSM
Champion IB and IE
Junior Champion of Belgium

Born the 17 of August 2014

ED: 0/0
Full Dentition

  6 BOB
Holland – France – Belgique – Allemagne
  5 BOS Holland – France – Belgique – RSM
Belgique – Holland – France
  7 RCACIB Belgique – Hollande – France – RSM
  12 CAC Belgium – France – Luxembourg – RSM –
  14 RCAC Belgium – Luxembourg
  Field Trial TB
  Working certificate FCI  
  3rd BIS Working Dog Holland – Belgique
  3rd BOG Belgium
  1st BOG
CH Farndield Topo Gigio
CH Charm Bluveil Mr Darcy
CH Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley
CH Charm’s Dancing to the Music
CH Kimvalley Star Attraction of Farnfield
R CC Jayncourt Star Turn at Sandylands
Langshott Black Velvet at Kimvalley
CH Even if You Want of Misty Dreams
CH Bandit of Sweet Eyes CH IB. Fr. It’s a Viking Otso Van Budilium Hof
CH FTF Zenden of Misty Dreams
CH Ashley of Claydigger CH IB Foulby Regan
Vitality of Misty Dreams

CuteNC (16)


Portée 2021

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