Champion of Germany VDH
Champion of Belgium

Born the 2nd of April 2009
Black Ee/BB  (Carrier yellow)
HD: B1
ED: 0/0
TO : ok (April 2014)
Full Dentition

  1 BOB Belgium 2011
  2 RCACIB Slovenia – Germany
  15 CAC Germany (DRC-VDH) – Slovenia – Belgium – France – Switzerland
  10 RCAC Germany (LCD-VDH) – Belgium – Luxembourg – Slovénie
  Field Trial TB
  Working certificate FCI  
CH IB. Fr. Lux. Bandit of Sweet Eyes CH IB. Fr. It’s a Viking Otso Van Budilium Hof Mallorn’s Vanlentine
King Fields Xeto
CH FTF Zenden of Misty Dreams Carpenny Winchester
HeatherBourne Royal Icing
CH Fr. Asley of Clay Diggers CH IB Foulby Regan Hawksmoor Webster
CH Cuanbank Maggie May at Foulby
Vitality of Misty Dreams CH Cambremer Royal Musician
CH Perle of Misty Dreams